Sunshine Village Artisan Cheese Plate – Episode 5

May 6, 2017


Arrange on a cutting board or other flat surface the following cheeses or similar substitutes:

  • Cendrillon- vegetable ash-covered goat cheese
  • Bleubry- blue-veined triple cream Brie cheese, made from pasteurized milk and cream
  • Le Tripple Crème- cow’s milk cheese produced by DuVillage 1860 located in Warwick, Quebec, Canada
  • Cantonnier- semi-firm, Port du Salut style cheese, created as an adaptation of Oka
  • Sir Laurier d’arthabaska- soft cheese from Centre-du-Québec region, in Canada
  • Le Saint Raymond- a soft cheese with a bloomy rind is made from pasteurized milk and cream

Add a variety of dried fruits and nuts and flatbreads.

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